Created in November 1994, BRAGA took over her sister company SOBROMA that was specialized in soil treatment and fumigation since 1987.

BRAGA has been specialized in soil treatment mainly with Methyl Bromide that has been removed from the market since 2013.

BRAGA is also a leader in soil treatment and stored products fumigation (wood pallets, spices, dates…). BRAGA is the first company in Morocco to apply such a technique covering till 65% of the Moroccan market.

BRAGA is also member of croplife association, the Moroccan association of importers, formulators, and distributors of plants protection products. Her 17 member companies represent more than 70% of the Moroccan phytosanitary turnover.

 With a view to find an alternative to Methyl Bromide removed few years ago, BRAGA developed three products for soil sterilization through two techniques: the first one is through direct soil injection, and the second one through irrigation emulsion. The three products have been tested, homologated and showed good results once commercialized.

BRAGA’s headquarter is in Darbouazza, next to Casablanca. BRAGA got several agencies and dynamic teams that can take action through all the Moroccan territory.