On a surface of 13 Ha, ACHTAL arranged 24.000 m ² multi-metal chapels under thermal plastic that is photo-selective, completely protected under a insect-proof net used like a double wall. ACHTAL arranges 3000 m ² constructed storehouses. To avoid any contagion from the ground, all the greenhouses are papered with net with black painting and equipped with metal tables.

ACHTAL also arranged a station using computerized fertigation which can serve irrigation solutions scheduled at a precise time where pH, EC, and concentrations of fertilizers are checked to answer the various needs of the plant in all its stages and conditions of growth.

Our whole installation is under waterproofness, safety, and rigorous hygiene to protect all the atmosphere from any introduction or distribution of insects or viruses.



All our greenhouses are equipped with a fogging system to create a pleasant atmosphere for the plants in terms of temperature and humidity. To face any extreme condition such as heat or cold, every chapel is equipped with a whole kit of ventilation to brew the air or repulse the warm air.

This technique is completed by the technique of opening roofs.

The whole set of multi-chapels is covered with aluminium net completely automated to open or close according to needs.

ACHTAL is equipped with all the means to face any exceptional climatic conditions and insure pleasant and comfortable conditions for the growth of your plantations.