In ACHTAL S.A.R.L, Challenge allied with the know-how of nurseryman and his nimbleness to give birth to cultivations in perfect feat, accommodated to all conditions.

ACHTAL is the first nursery in Morocco to respond to all international standards, in an area exceeding 13 hectares with highly qualified and selected staff.

Located in Khmis Aït Amira perimeter, Achtal is famous by the machinery and the automation of :

  • Its system of filling up plates and sowing.

  • Its mastery of all environment conditions thanks to new techniques of fogging, ventilation process, and completely automated shading system.

  • Its display on tables allowing the non-congestion of plants and granting more space for workers.

  • Its watering system thanks to electrical irrigation trolleys.transport-achtal

  • Its programmable ferti-irrigation network.

  • Its system of tracing using bar codes to recognize each vegetable in every plate.

  • All operations till delivery are made in plates made of polystyrene.